Here be Monsters



You may think it is hard to go home again, but you haven’t seen a tough homecoming until you’ve read “The Grave Tender,” by Eliza Maxwell. A moody, atmospheric thriller, “The Grave Tender” explores the lines people are prepared to cross defending their families, even when they are fearful of some of their supposed nearest and dearest.

Dark tales susurrate across the across hardscrabble east-Texas farmland, whispering secrets about lost children, raped girls, and a disfigured man hiding in a patch of thorny brush designed to keep all but the most determined, or foolish, out. Like old patched maps of uncharted territories say, here be monsters.

But who are the monsters in this twisted story of family loss and redemption, and can widowed Hadley Dixon make a home for herself, her child, and the unknown babe she carries?

Secrets come home to roost in this satisfying read.


Three stars out of five.

Lake Union Publishing provided a complementary review copy for review.


The Grave Tender

Eliza Maxwell

Lake Union Publishing




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