Video Alert: Independent Bookstores: Ever Resilient

“Independent bookstores are magical places.”

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Independent Bookstores: Ever Resilient

(A Documentary Film By Alana King)

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Tuxedo Junction, 2, Dunottar Street, Orange Grove, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Photo Credit: Heather Mason



Bookish Quote: “You have to read a book to understand its place on the shelf.”


‘Uncle Bertram’s books were not arranged by author or title or, more perplexing to little Sophie, by size or color. “You have to read a book to understand its place on the shelf,” said Uncle Bertram. And showed her how The Wind in the Willows (“a book about life on the river”) sat next to Three Men in a Boat (“a book about life on the River Thames”), which sat next to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (“a story that was first told on the banks of the Thames”), which sat next to Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams (“because Alice is a dream story”), and so on.’


–First Impressions, Charles Lovett


I wish that I had had an Uncle Bertram in my life, don’t you?


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Bookish Quote


“…Dillman opened his novel and began to reaquaint himself with the joys of Nicholas Nickleby. No journey was ever complete without Charles Dickens beside him to stave off boredom.”

Murder on the Lusitania, Conrad Allen, 1999


Lusitania at the end of the first leg of her maiden voyage, New York City, September 1907. (The photo was taken with a panoramic camera.)