6 Great Garden Library Sheds You Don’t Want to Miss


Source: iVillage 

Ever feel like you just don’t have space in your house for a library? You aren’t alone. Some clever homeowners have created charming reading spaces in garden sheds. spaces.


In the UK, shed conversions are such a big deal that they hold annual competitions to select the best garden shed.


Andrew’s shed, (no last name given,) is a private library filled with 12,000 books he has acquired over his lifetime. Nearly all of the books are catalogued, and showcased with quirky pieces like his bookstore bag collection.


The Library shed is a retreat, a place of reading and contemplation, a place to write and a place to bird watch.


Source: Trish Radge 

Trish Radge says she goes to her library shed to get away from her active family for a couple of hours. In the winter it is her “go to” spot in the sun where she can read or listen to podcasts.


Source: Asian Architecture

London-based Asian Architecture has designed this low budget garden working studio in North East London, England, UK.



Source: nanakim.com

Or how about a magical retreat, across a red bridge where you can relax with your books?


Source: nanakim.com

If you don’t think you can build your library shed from scratch, you can always start with something like a shed from Lowe’s, and then decorate it anyway that you want. Tufted chairs, bookshelves, and a neutral rug create a respite made for relaxing with a good read.


Source: Lowe’s





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