Stephen Coonts: Liberty’s Last Stand


This is the first Stephen Coonts novel I’ve read, and it will be the last. It is a thinly veiled right-wing diatribe denouncing the current administration. How thinly veiled? The novel takes place in August 2016, with a lame duck U.S. president named Barry Soetoro and his wife Mickey. Claire Hinton, a white women, is the nominee of his party for the next election, and is expected to lose in a historic landslide defeat.

Racism and social elitism masked as a plot devices portray undocumented workers and African-Americans as welfare parasites. All Muslims are not only jihadists, but rapists and child molesters. Mexico receives special treatment as the source of both low skilled, illegal labor, and drugs. Rural poor whites get their share of derision as “pill-billy” gun-toting thieves, murderers, and rapists.

I found the double standard Coonts applied throughout the novel appalling. Without giving away any information not stated on the book’s cover, the U.S. society collapses as the result of a political insurrection. During the subsequent upheaval, it is apparently fine for white suburbanites to use lethal force and unrestrained violence to protect their property and acquire food, water, and medicine; but people of color are depicted murdering thieves and rioters when they do the same. Rural citizens are armed, stupid; dangerous drug-addicts, unless they volunteer to be cannon fodder.

Liberty’s Last Stand is scheduled to be in bookstores June 13, 2016. I imagine it will be controversial, which will drive sales up, an unfortunate consequence. 

No stars.

I received and Uncorrected Page Proof from Regnery Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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