The Minister’s Cat is an Energetic Cat

Sorry to have been gone so long; I have major respiratory issues. No holiday celebrations here.

On with the Minister’s Cat adventures, and other bookish things. Today, I bring you the energetic Minister’s Cat. This baby should leap in the Olympics!


Additionally, I found a Minister’s Cat who’s an elegant cat.



Send me pictures of your book loving cats!


The Minister’s Cat is a Dapper Cat

I don’t know how people convince their cats to dress up. This illustration shows a marvelously suited cat, intent on pouring over his book in a vintage library. Do you think the mouse will survive the interruption?

The Minister's Cat is a Dapper Cat
The Minister’s Cat is a Dapper Cat

While costumed cats may be a bit thin on the ground, this charmer strikes a very familiar pose.

The Minister's Cat is a Drowsing Cat
The Minister’s Cat is a Drowsing Cat

What are your cats up too? Have you found any interesting cats online?

The Minister’s Cat is a Coloring Cat

I know there are a lot of adult coloring fans out there, so I chose this queenly cat as my highlight for today. I suppose she technically isn’t terribly bookish, but she looks like the queen from a deck of cards, so I decided that counted. 

The Minister’s Cat is a Coloring Cat

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

 Realistic Coloring Pages   has many exciting images, and even more cats.

Edited to note: The Queenly Cat is from Creative Cats published by Dover. Artist is Marjorie Sarnat. On Amazon: . “Realistic Coloring Pages” obtained the page from Dover as a page free for personal use.

If you would like to try out more advanced coloring techniques, be sure to check out Buzz Feed’s “18 Tips to Take Your Colouring to the Next Level”  You’ll see there is so much more to coloring than staying between the lines.



Image Courtesy of LeiLani Steddum

If you try them please share them here or on Facebook so we can all admire them. 

Along with the DIY theme, I bring you:

The Minister’s Cat is a Crafty Cat.


If you think this is fun, play along, like or share!

The Minister’s Cat Brings You the Letter “A”

I read Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” in grade school, and it quickly became one of my favorite books. I re-read it every year, and enjoy watching several versions of the movie.

Some of the movies show an invisible Scrooge dancing around his nephew’s party while the guests play “The Minister’s Cat.” I don’t know the rules, but it looks fairly straightforward.

All players sit in a circle, and the first player describes the minister’s cat with an adjective beginning with the letter ‘A’ (for example, “The minister’s cat is an adorable cat”) Each player then does the same, using different adjectives starting with the same letter. Once everyone has done so, the first player describes the cat with an adjective beginning with the letter ‘B’. This continues for each letter of the alphabet.

A player is “out” of the game if they are unable to think of an adjective, or if they repeat one previously used. Players may clap in unison or speak in a rhythmic manner during the game, setting the pace for each player to speak his line; if a player falls too far behind the pace while thinking of an adjective, he may also be declared “out.”

It goes like this:



I thought it might be fun to play online, but with a twist. Since this is a bookish site, you have to post a picture of a cat, preferably yours, with a book, newspaper, letter or other reading paraphernalia.

To start, I have two examples.

The Minister’s Cat is an agile cat.12308496_715461405221150_5018020163434121162_n

The Minister’s Cat is an attentive cat.


I plan to upload a new letter and cat every day. Do you have a cat image to play along?

Today is the LETTER “A” ONLY, or you’ll be out!