Read It & Return Lending Library at Country Inns & Suites

Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites
Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites

WroteTrips has featured a number of bookish destinations, restaurants, and accommodations in the past, and all have been lovely. Let’s face it though, they may be inspiring, but many are inaccessible to travelers either due to location or price.

Book lovers in the United States and Canada have a great hotel option though, Country Inns & Suites. It has been about five years since I stayed in one of their hotels, but I found it so clean, comfortable and convenient that my husband and I booked another stay. Best of all, Country Inns & Suites has partnered with Penguin Random House Books and offers a complementary Read It & Return Lending Library.

Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites
Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites

Guests of the Country Inns & Suites are allowed to borrow any book from the Read It & Return Lending Library. If you don’t finish the book during your stay, take it with you and return it during your next visit to any Country Inns & Suites in the U.S. and Canada.

Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites
Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites

Some hotels have a modest bookcase tucked in the lobby, while others feature cozy reading areas.

Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites
Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites

Additionally, Country Inns & Suites recently launched a book drive for Read Indeed, a charity started six years ago by an eight-year-old girl named Maria who wanted to make the world a better place—one book at a time. In six years, Read Indeed has collected and distributed more than 1.5 million books to children around the world.

Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites
Image Courtesy of Country Inns & Suites

The September 8-22, 2015 campaign will provide book donation drop boxes at 100 Country Inns & Suites in the U.S. and Canada. Click for locations.

Image Courtesy of Country Inn & Suites
Image Courtesy of Country Inn & Suites

Travel Tip: I regularly stay in chain hotels while traveling, but I call each one prior to making a reservation, and ask how old their facility is and when it was last remodeled. I treat the number of years given like dog years. Four or five years may not sound old, but a busy hotel gets a lot of hard use.

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for these comments about the Read It & Return Lending Library at Country Inns & Suites.

The Read It & Return Lending Library at Country Inns & Suites has a wide selection of popular titles from the following genres:

  • Family
  • Fiction
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Non-Fiction
  • Teen

You can check their blog to find titles currently on offer, but here are examples of books available in the Summer of 2015.


Jane Eyre  – By Charlotte Bronte

When Jane Eyre, a naturally independent and strong-willed young woman, falls for her dark and cold employer, her entire life changes. Join Jane through this emotional love story as she’s faced with difficult decisions after she learns a terrible secret about the man she loves.

Wards of Faerie – By Terry Brooks

Dive into the magical world of the Four Lands and meet Aphenglow, a young Druid who is faced with the extinction of her race. Aphenglow discovers the secret diary of a young Elven girl that may hold the secrets to restoring the Druid’s once-great society.

Rise to Rebellion – By Jeff Shaara

Step inside court rooms with John Adams, stand at the battlefront with George Washington, and meet with famed inventor Benjamin Franklin in Jeff Shaara’s Rise to Rebellion. This historical fiction novel brings the American Revolution to life like never before.

Wicked Business – By Janet Evanovich

Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Lizzy and Diesel as they embark on a 20-year journey to solve the mysterious murder of Gilbert Reedy and uncover an ancient secret. This adventure leads the two from the Boston catacombs to government buildings and everywhere in between.

Rose Harbor in Bloom –  By Debbie Macomber

Explore the town of Cedar Cove with the three intertwining stories of Jo Marie, Annie, and Mary Smith. Between the death of a husband, a broken engagement, and a long-lost relationship, each of these women is learning to deal with heartbreak, acceptance, and starting over in her own way.

Calico Joe – By John Grisham

Meet Joe Castle – the amazing rookie who is taking the world of baseball by storm. It’s not just his incredible skills on the field that make him so admirable, it’s also his first-class attitude. Joe becomes the idol of a famous Mets pitcher’s son, Paul. The day Paul’s dad faces off against Joe is one he’ll never forget.

Odd Interlude – By Dean Koontz

Harmony Corners might look like the perfect place to stop and stay the night, with its beautiful cottages and welcoming diner, but there’s more to the vacation spot than meets the eye. Join Odd Thomas and his fellow travelers as they discover the horrifying secrets of Harmony Corners.

Leaves of Grass – By Walt Whitman

Celebrated as one of the greatest American writers of his time, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is a collection of poems written about the American experience. Delve into Whitman’s opinions on human nature and integrity in this famous collection of work.

Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

Making money doesn’t have to be a secret! Napoleon Hill shares his formula for success that will surely educate and motivate readers to go out and capture their own fortune. Inspired by Andrew Carnegie, once the richest man in the world, the concepts are outlined in thirteen steps.

Sackett’s Land – By Louis L’Amour

Barnabas Sackett’s dreams of making his way to America come true after he comes across six gold coins buried in the mud. Sackett’s journey to America is not as simple as he planned, however. After he is attacked and kidnapped by pirates, Sackett eventually escapes and makes his way to the Carolina coast. While excited about the prospects of the new land, Sackett knows he must eventually return to England and learn his father’s secret.


Tunes for Bears to Dance To – By Robert Cormier

After Henry’s family packs up and leaves their hometown to escape memories of Henry’s recently deceased brother, Henry is faced with the many challenges of starting over. Amidst his personal struggles, Henry is also faced with a harrowing battle of good and evil when he encounters an elderly new friend and his prejudiced boss.


Brave Jr. Novel – By Irene Trimble

Based on the movie “Brave” by Disney/Pixar, this book follows along with Princess Merida as she embarks on a journey and discovers what bravery truly is. The book even features eight pages of full-color images from the movie!

Confessions of a Former Bully – By Trudy Ludwig

A must-read for elementary and middle school children and a great resource for parents. Confessions of a Former Bully is told from the point of view of Katie, who gets caught teasing a schoolmate. Katie’s journey provides kids with valuable tools they can apply in real situations.

Butterfly Kisses – By Bob Carlisle

A classic Little Golden Book that should be shared between every father and daughter. Many are familiar with the popular song that topped the pop and country music charts and the book is equally sweet and endearing.

Great Toy Escape – By Kitty Richards

Everyone’s favorite animated toys are back for another thrilling adventure! Andy is getting ready to move to college, which sets Woody and the rest of the gang on their own comedic journey that follows the popular Disney/Pixar film.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – By Mark Teague

Sure to be a summer favorite with the little ones, this tale of the Wild West will stir imagination and laughter! Wallace Bleff returns to school after summer break and tells his classmates a story they will never forget.

Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket – By Barbara Park

The funniest kindergartner, Junie B. Jones, takes young readers on another endearing and hilarious ride in this book. In this story, Junie B. and her classmates go on a fun-filled trip to a farm. She’ll have a chance to meet a farmer and pet animals, and more on this exciting trip

Pirate Mom – By Deborah Underwood

Be careful for what you wish for – a lesson Pete learns in Pirate Mom. Pete undergoes an entertaining and hilarious adventure when is mom is hypnotized into thinking she is a real pirate! The story is magical and the drawings are captivating. Yo ho ho, this book is a treasure!



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