Easy Corner Bookcase!

Umbra Conceal Wall Bookshelf
Umbra Conceal Wall Bookshelf

By now, most of you have probably seen Umbra’s Conceal Wall Bookshelf.  Although they look like a good idea, I’ve never really cared for the sample displays I’ve seen. Then I came across this clever corner arrangement, which makes great use of otherwise wasted space.

Image by M. Jackson via Amazon.com
Image by M. Jackson via Amazon.com

I’ve been eyeing a lot of the corners in my house; thinking about adding new shelves. The Umbras are fairly inexpensive, unless you want to buy a bunch of them. A less expensive option would be to use brackets from the hardware store as shown in this tutorial. (I also like the paper with text behind the shelves.)


This video suggests paper clipping the cover to some of the book pages, if you want to hide the bracket. Some people put hook and loop tape on the book to hold the cover in place, but the paper clip isn’t permanent.

Have you used invisible shelves? Send me a shelfie!


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