Design Inspiration from Bookshelf by Alex Johnson


Since we are all book addicts, we tend to be a little obsessed about bookshelves. It’s easy to drool over the mega-masterpiece shots taken of libraries located in mansions, castles and noteworthy libraries. However, as beautiful as the images are, they aren’t something that will comfortably fit in your average home. 

Collectors don’t need to resort to boring bookshelves though. In Bookshelf, Alex Johnson provides 267 pages filled with color images of the best contemporary design. Some, like Metamorphosis by Sebastian Errazuriz, draw their inspiration from organic forms. While Metamorphosis is beautiful, I don’t like my books to stand on an angle; it damages the book.



Others are not only art pieces, but have a very obvious political message. Of War & Wits & Power, by Daniel Loves Objects Furniture, would make a wonderful place to store a collection of banned books.


Others, like Stacked by Vincent Leman are far more whimsically inclined.

Bookshelf lists the websites of the featured designers, so you can find something in your price range. Alternatively, it is a wonderful source of inspiration for clever DIY-ers. 

Bonus idea: There are a bunch of Ikea hacks out there, and one bookshelf design won the 2014 Hack of the Year award. Check it out.





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