Secret Library Doors

I have always dreamed of having a secret library, someplace I can hide away with my books, and shut out all distractions. Of course, since I spend a large part of my day writing, it would end up being a library office, but the idea is still the same. My husband and I are finally getting around to converting one of our extra bedrooms into a study for me. I’m wonder if now is the time to make this dream come true.

There must be a lot of other book lovers out there with the same dream, since a quick search of the web results in hundreds of plans and ideas. These are some of my favorites.

Image Courtesy of Julie Garman Interiors,llc
Image Courtesy of Julie Garman Interiors, LLC.

When I was young, I was fascinated by stories set in English manor-type homes. They always seemed to be filled with hidden rooms, priest holes, servant stairs and cavernous attics. As a result, I first found myself drawn to rooms hidden behind bookcases.

Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design 2014
Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design 2014

I especially like this one, since the library door opens to a room with a tea-table. What could be more enticing than a good book and tea?

Image Courtesy of makendo via Instructable
Image Courtesy of makendo via Instructables


Unfortunately, I don’t live in a vintage manor with a bespoke library filled with antique books. I decided to look for something more realistic. For those who like DIY projects, reader makendo shared plans for a modern bookcase on Instructables.

They are too complicated for me to make, but surely I can find someone to build them for me since I have instructions.

Image Courtesy of Architecture Design
Image Courtesy of Architecture Design

Of course, the first step in the process is to decide where I would like to have my hidden bookcase. I’ve already decided to line one wall of my new study with free-standing bookcases; the other three walls have doors, windows, radiators, and other issues. One of the best things might be to install a SLIDING bookcase to cover an existing double closet. The image shows something similar used to hide a washing machine. 

More inspiration:


What do you think? Do you have a favorite secret door bookcase? Do you have one in your home?

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2 thoughts on “Secret Library Doors

  1. Mary Perkins

    Wonderfully fun topic. If only we all lived in homes large enough for such pleasures. Fun to dream about, though.

    1. Gail A. Sisolak

      I know of at least one author who has a secret library. I’ll see if I can get permission to post her pictures.

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